What Differentiates a Randall Davis Property

What Differentiates a Randall Davis Property

November 18, 2016

What’s So Different About a Randall Davis Property?

Houston has been on every rapidly growing list for the last 20 years, but one thing stays constant: there are always plenty of new developments from which to choose when considering home, town home, or condominium ownership. Whether you’re someone from another US state looking to relocate, a local looking for a new neighborhood to call home, or someone completely new to the United States and looking for property in Houston, it can be very overwhelming!

Which zip code has the best schools? Which neighborhood has the best restaurants and nightlife? Which property has the lowest HOA fees? See - pretty overwhelming! Luckily, Randall Davis properties are designed to make life easy for property owners. With a true eye for artistic design and attention to detail, a Randall Davis property provides a place to call home without the headaches.

As mentioned, Randall Davis has long prided himself on his ability to keep home ownership costs down for many of his modern and luxurious properties. Similar properties like this collection of luxury condos, can have HOA, or Homeowners Association, fees in the staggering amounts of $1,500 - $2,000 like this beautiful, but deceptively expensive unit on Westscott Street.

Keep in mind, that added cost is per month, NOT per year. So, even if you’re getting a great 2 bedroom in the heart of Houston, you could be paying through the roof for something that isn’t a good value! One of the newest properties still in development, the Marlowe, features a wide variety of options of floor plans and price points that all feature market appropriate HOA fees and a host of incredible amenities. As our clever character Marlowe points out, it’s a great time to stop renting and start owning.

One thing you’ll notice about many Houston mid and high rise condominium buildings is that few are designed with a specific vision in mind. You get one boring brown building after another! Across all Randall Davis properties, you can see his commitment to design and aesthetics in tandem with an eye for function. Whether it’s the classically inspired Hotel Icon, the Gotham with its towering windows, or the upcoming development in the River Oaks District, the futuristic Arabella, you can always spot a Randall Davis property!